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Support Young Victims of Violence

IFS serves as the life-line to survivors and victims of violence.  IFS has an extensive system of trauma informed services that support survivors of violent crimes with a special emphasis on young victims ages 6-17 years old.  Donate now and help us with our work with young children.

Serving Youth and Families

Since 1971, IFS has been serving at-risk youth and families in need of educational and behavioral issues caused by poverty, substandard educational systems and unstable homes.  Here at IFS, we target at-risk youth that have experienced behavioral and academic issues as a result of trauma or negative experiences from foster care. Many of these children have experienced being expelled from school or are at-risk of dropping out.  We can help. With behavioral counseling, clinical and academic programs, we encourage independent decision-making, problem solving, and positive self-direction giving our children the confidence and tools that they will need to be successful in life.

Independence: A Family of Services

At Independence: A Family of Services, Inc. (IFS), our mission is to create pathways to success for at-risk and underserved residents in urban communities through innovative behavioral health, mental health, residential and educational programs.

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Thank you IFS!

“Life skills has changed me, not only the way I think daily, and budget, but it has changed me as a young adult. The endless support and life lessons which I received while in this program are nothing short of a blessing.”

Nyaisha Green