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N stands for “Never Giving Up”

Natasha was laid off by her employer and when she could no longer afford to pay her rent, she and her children became homeless. Struggling to find a job while trying to care for her family left her no choice but to leave her children in the care of a relative who had a home.  The emotional trauma of leaving her children for many hours at a time resulted in severe depression.  She began to suffer from separation anxiety, leaving her angry and unable to focus.   In addition, her youngest child had learning and developmental issues further complicating the issues the separation caused.


Realizing the urgency to find a job and needing to spend time with her children, Natasha began coming to the East Orange Family Success Center (EOFSC) with her children every day to utilize our employment, child care and support services.  The EOFSC staff introduced her to job search websites. We further recommended that she expand her search area and helped her update her resume to highlight her skills, abilities and knowledge.  While Natasha used our computer lab to search for a job, we provided her children with fun age appropriate learning activities to help improve their reading and literacy.  We put Natasha in touch with agencies equipped to help with her special needs child and address her depression as well.  Also, while enrolled in our program, Natasha took advantage of our guided meditation and positive feedback workshops, which helped her with her mental and emotional well-being. 


Within a few months, Natasha was starting to see the postive affects on helping her children’s educational needs, addressing her meotional well-being, and pushing hard to find a job.  Soon she was offered a job in an out of state company.  We continued to help her and soon thereafter, she was able to obtain safe stable housing and enroll her children in the local school. 


Proudly, Natasha has been employed for three consecutive years and her children are thriving in their new school.  She has received three pay raises since she started her job and is looking to continue advancing her career with her present employer. 

Take a moment to support IFS and its East Orange Family Success Center.  Now through December 31st we are hosting our Annual Giving Campaign. 

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