(973) 372-5601 Info@ifsnj.org 15 Smalley Terrace Irvington, NJ 07111

A Bridge to Family & Permanent Housing

Providing a Supportive Space for American Veterans

  • Independence: A Family of Services (IFS) is an integrated service delivery organization serving Newark & the Greater Newark Community
  • Second oldest nonprofit in the Ironbound
  • Providing stabilizing resources for at-risk populations for forty-six years.
  • Now IFS will continue this good work in support of American Veterans who find themselves in need of temporary shelter:
  • Not traditional shelter model:

–  Our guests will not have to leave in the early morning hours

–  Our guests will not at any time be permitted to congregate outside of our building

–  Will be utilizing a state of the art security system including out door camera monitoring

–  IFS’ focus is on quality not quantity — only 40-beds

–  Staff will be up made of experienced professionals and veterans

  • Services to guess will include:

–  Family reconnection

–  Community engagement

–  Vocational services

–  Community recreation and cultural activities

–  Life skills training

–  Transportation to other support services

Through our wrap-around services, innovative best-practices, and restorative support, IFS programs produce productive members of society who are reconnected to the people and things that matter most.  Our job as good neighbors is to bring veterans in from homelessness and despair and to help restore them to the lives of honor that they’ve earned through their service and sacrifice.