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East Orange Family Success Center

East Orange Family Success Center

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East Orange, NJ 07018
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Over the years IFS has expanded its services, most notably through the creation of the organization’s East Orange Family Success Center (EOFSC). EOFSC is a community-based retreat whose goal is to strengthen families and neighborhoods for the benefit of the area’s children. Similar to other organizations using this model, the EOFSC provides resources, programming, a network of family services and other support to hundreds of families each year so that they can evolve and become stronger.

We offer the following services and programs at this center:

  • Development of family success plans and assistance with meeting the plans’ goals
  • Information and referral services
  • “Effective Parenting” classes
  • Parent-Child activities, where children and their families come together for education, recreation and bonding
  • Health Screenings and informational sessions
  • Grandparents support activities
  • Summer Literacy Program: a popular and successful program that helps elementary-aged children bridge the summer “learning lag”
  • Children’s Book Club: which includes regular trips to the library
  • Ongoing age-appropriate and engaging activities for adolescents such as a student leadership conference and pre-employment training
  • Teen member on the EOFSC Advisory Board, to make sure the community’s youth presence and voice are acknowledged and heard

At the East Orange Family Success Center, we pursue our goal of helping the city’s children by helping to strengthen the families and the neighborhoods.


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