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Vocational Training

Vocational Training

The Pathways Media Center is a state-of-the-art learning laboratory that offers two vocational trainings to our young people:

Information Technology as a Vocation:
This is an 18-week training, encompassing (2) three-hour sessions per week.

Topics that are covered consist of:

  • Technology identification
  • Computer and hardware basics
  • Network essentials
  • Compatibility issues and common errors
  • Software installation and functions
  • Security risks and prevention
  • Green IT
  • Preventative maintenance practices

By the end of the course, clients will have gained the knowledge and skills to identify and explain PC components, set up a basic PC workstation, conduct basic software installation, identify compatibility issues and recognize and prevent basic security risks. They will also receive a strong foundation in green IT concepts and preventative maintenance of computers and A+ certification.

Digital Media Production as a Vocation
Digital Media Production is also a curriculum-based course. Here young people are given a comprehensive introduction to audio visual work that ranges from setting up and breaking down equipment to framing shots, camera angles and pre- and post-production of audio and visual projects.  We also take advantage of the exciting opportunities afforded by this media center to expand learning beyond “how to.” We’ve incorporated an exciting, collaborative project with the Meadowlands Environmental Center called “Exploring Contrasts.”

“Thanks  to IFS, I became more intelligent and  they made  me want  to push myself  to succeed harder. With Intelligence comes Independence.” — Wayne Victor

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