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Children participating in the Sankofa after-school program, along with their parents, were given a nice treat when attorney Robert Taylor (far right) of the Law Offices of Robert Taylor in East Orange, NJ, offered to show them his impressive African Art collection.  Each year, Mr. Taylor hosts tours on Saturdays, mostly during the month of February in recognition of Black History Month.

Since the beginning of the after school literacy program in 2014, Mr. Taylor has become an extraordinary supporter and partner to the East Orange Family Success Center, exposing youth to art and volunteering time to talk to the children about his career as an attorney and mentoring the children in the program. He has also donated directly to the program.

Mr. Taylor gave young Jerome a photo of a famous African American Boxing Champ after the young student told him he loves boxers.  Also, this year Mr. Taylor gave out t-shirts to all the children who attended the tour. The t-shirts displayed the words “I love African Art.”

IFS thanks Mr. Taylor for being such a great supporter of the families at the East Orange Family Success Center!


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