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After raising children of their own, James and Jacqueline Parker chose to become foster parents and offer a home to children in need. Since 2003, the Parkers have cared for fifty-four children.

One of the first children they cared for was a challenging teenager and her newborn.  The couple then took in a toddler who had been moved out of more than 20 foster homes.

“After we heard about this poor baby moving from home to home over 20 times, we knew we had a challenge ahead of us. But we were prepared,” states Mrs. Parker.

Determined not to let that happen again, James and Jacqueline made a significant difference in this child’s life and were happy to adopt him two years after he was placed with them.

The Parkers cared for all of thier foster children with the same determination they have shown their own children. IFS recognizes the Parkers home as a model home and have asked Mr. Parker to represent the agency as a model advocate for Resource Parents everywhere.

Today, the Parkers are caring for three foster children in addition to their one adopted son.


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