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“Saying goodbye can be one of the most traumatic experiences one can go through, but I’m proud to say goodbye. I’m also excited too.Through my years of error, and success, I have learned that there are no limits to where my drive can take me and the only thing I will regret is not doing it safely. I’m a man now, and thanks to IFS I can look into the sky and see light shining on me and be a proud man.”

– Traivon Thompson-Rios,

an IFS Life Skills Graduate

“I am living and learning how to deal with certain people at certain times and that there is a time and place for everything. I now realize that graduating is my main priority and that foolishness is not going to help me get a diploma.” 

Matthew, an IFS Life Skills graduate”

“This program helped me learn a lot. I learned how to get along with people that I am not used to being around. While in class I have a better understanding of people and can communicate better and express my feelings. I am getting a better understanding of life and I’m motivated to stay in school and graduate faster.”

Ali, an IFS Life Skills graduate”

“Thanks  to IFS, I learn so much more.  They made  me want  to push myself  to succeed harder. With Intelligence comes Independence.”

— Wayne Victor, an IHS Graduate


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