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By the numbers

Although it is a complex endeavor, our ultimate goal is to help our clients break the often generational cycle of dependency on government assistance, attain self-sufficiency, and live productive lives. 


Our Methods

IFS works with youth who are behind their graduating class by two or more years and are approaching a period in their lives when they will be aging out of the educational system. 

We use best practices providing tools and services for students to recover from past emotional and psychological trauma related to living in stigmatizing and/or abusive families, school and community environments. 


Our Specialty: Culturally Relevant Programming

IFS uses Rites of Passage programming methodologies in an academic and cultural framework for the purpose of connecting African-American, and Multicultural students of the African Diaspora, with the history, literature, traditions, and folklore of ancient Africa, and of the African experience in Western civilization.  The ultimate goal of the program is to honor the traditions of cultures that recognize the transition from childhood to adulthood, and assist youth in making the transition meaningful so they understand the challenges of living as responsible adults.

  • To date, IFS has served more than 12,000 persons, achieving an 95% success rate in keeping youth safely and meaningfully in the community and avoiding institutional placement.
  • During an average program period, 82% of our youth enrolled in our Mgbede program gain credits toward graduation.  Mgbede (pronounced MMM-BWAY-DAY) is an integrated, strength-based service delivery system with a single point of entry for all clients who receive case management, reality-based counseling (clients examine their daily difficulties), individual, group and/or family therapy,  24-hour crisis intervention, mentoring, and behavioral coaching.
  • Approximately 82% of youth enrolled in Life Skills training complete course requirements for the Rites of Passage program.
  • Youth participate in community service projects and attend college tours (i.e. Howard University and Morgan State, Lincoln Technical Institute, and more).
  • This year, there were twenty-two (22) youth participating in our aftercare services with 7 enrolled in college and 14 employed. Aftercare involves assisting youth to stay on track with their daily living goals after they have aged out of the foster care system and continue their journey into adulthood.

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