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Words from Our Youth

“Saying goodbye can be one of the most traumatic experiences one can go through, but I’m proud to say goodbye. I’m also excited too.Through my years of error, and success, I have learned that there are no limits to where my drive can take me and the only thing I will regret is not doing it safely. I’m a man now, and thanks to IFS I can look into the sky and see light shining on me and be a proud man.”  Traivon Thompson-Rios, an IFS Life Skills Graduate

“I am living and learning how to deal with certain people at certain times and that there is a time and place for everything. I now realize that graduating is my main priority and that foolishness is not going to help me get a diploma.”  Matthew, an IFS Life Skills graduate”

“This program helped me learn a lot. I learned how to get along with people that I am not used to being around. While in class I have a better understanding of people and can communicate better and express my feelings. I am getting a better understanding of life and I’m motivated to stay in school and graduate faster.”   Ali, an IFS Life Skills graduate”

“Thanks  to IFS, I learn so much more.  They made  me want  to push myself  to succeed harder. With Intelligence comes Independence.”  — Wayne Victor, an IHS Graduate

“Life skills has changed me, not only the way I think daily, and budget, but it has changed me as a young adult. The endless support and life lessons which I received while in this program are nothing short of a blessing.” Thank you IFS, Nyaisha Green

“Being a young man in a program with a majority of women has been quiet the challenge, however I decided to commit.My name is Jonathan Crespo and I have been in life skills since November 2015. While in life skills, I was able to obtain a job and purchase nice items for myself. I really enjoyed coming to life skills.”
With Sincere Gratitude, Jonathan Crespo

“When I first attended life skills, I was hesitant about the program and had thoughts about not attending. However I went and now I’m happy that I did. I’ve learned so much from this class, you wouldn’t even believe it. Now I see a brighter future for myself and my son.” Thanks for Believing in Me, Nephatete McCord

“I was the one you would call difficult, someone you wouldn’t want to work with. IFS opened their doors to me on July 2015, and I’m grateful for their,” No Eject, No Reject” policy. Today I stand, still a work in progress, but now headed in the right direction. Thank you for the life skills, and for having patience with me when I didn’t have patience for myself. I would like to thank Ms. Watkins for the continuous encouragement and Mr. Kornegay for the talks, even when you thought I wasn’t listening.” With Much Appreciation, Asim Harvin

“I’m happy that I am finally graduating. I’d like to thank those who believed in me and had faith in me. I’ve had very hard obstacles to overcome, but I am glad that I am celebrating this moment.”T.D.

“This journey has been a struggle for me. I didn’t start off this year well, but not everyone is perfect. We all make mistakes along the way. I try my best to be motivated and positive. I have even disappointed myself at times. But I know, I didn’t come this far to give up and I didn’t, I made it….”W.W.

“This year has been a journey for me but I am glad that I made it this far, and I just want to thank IHS for giving me an opportunity for a better future” L. L.

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